More pretty nursery ideas

I know, I know I write a lot of posts, but part of it is to record different things I stumble across. When the time comes to actually make purchases I do not want to be thinking where did I see that!

So, my new love are these tree prints by an artist on Etsy (if you like handmade things and have never been on Etsy, go there immediatley.)

The artist store site can be found here . His name is TR Mack.

Here are a few of my favorite prints at first glance. I think they would be so pretty in the babies room. Lots of color and lots of different prints that could tie in with any color scheme we choose.



tree 3


Cue the waterworks

Quick question for all of you pregnant ladies and moms. Did you have random moments when you would just burst into tears during your pregnancy? I am 16 weeks and the last few days I feel totally fine, but in a second I can be crying. This morning Remy hid under our bed (something she always does), instead of just getting her out and being on my way I got her out and then cried all of the way to work.

I don’t feel sad, the tears just appear!

Did this happen to anyone?


Do we need a bassinet?

We have decided on a crib I think, and we will probably purchase it rather soon. Now I am hearing how valuable a bassinet is since some babies do not like to be in their cribs. We are going to try our hardest to keep baby Feterson (Dan’s new nickname fetus+peterson=Feterson) out of our bed.  Remy sleeps with us and she moves around a lot, I think we would both be constantly worried she would be to close to the baby. Some of you might be saying just wait, that dog will be kicked out in no time. I assure you there is no way in HELL that will happen.

Anyway, so I have been hearing that a bassinet is a great asset to the home. The baby can sleep near you but not in the bed and it can be moved around in the house. So, I have found 3 that I like.

1.  Graco Bedroom Bassinet: I like this one because it is collapsible, and we can take it when we travel. It also has vibrations  and music you can turn on. What I dont like is that it only comes in blue. I would prefer something more gender neutral. For purchases like this we want things that we can use for all of our kids.

graco bedroom bassinet

2. Fisher Price Zen Collection Glider Bassinet: This one is gorgeous. It is gender neutral and would look great in our house. It also has vibration and music. What I do not like is that it is not all that portable.

glider bassinet

3. Kolcraft Bassinet: I also like this one because it is gender neutral and would look nice. There is also extra storage underneath and it looks like it would be portable within the house. What I do not like is there is no music or vibration.

kolcraft bassinet

So, what does everyone think? Do I need a bassinet? Or is the baby industry just trying to get me? 🙂


Just when I think I have a handle on being pregnant!

Since 5 weeks into my pregnancy I have been monitoring my blood sugar, following a strict diet and taking either pills or insulin to help keep the numbers low. So far, my diabetic counseling nurse has said I am an exemplory patient. At my last appointment she said that in the next four weeks I may notice that foods that used to be ok will suddenly make me have a high blood sugar reading. I was thinking that it would be later in the next 4 weeks.

NOPE! All of the sudden totally healthy foods that I have been eating all along are causing me to spike. For example, I have been eating a 6″ roasted chicken breast sandwich on wheat from subway. I do not add any condiments to it, just lettuce, tomato, pickles and olives.  Normally an hour after eating that my blood sugar would be between 100-110. It is suppose to be under 140 an hour after eating. The last few days it is 140-160!

Even though the nurse said this would happen, it still freaks me out. I am afraid of hurting the baby with sugar! My next appointment is next friday, and I am sure we will simply add more insulin to the regimin. It is just frustrating to be clicking along so well and suddenly everything is different.


Pregnancy Survey (I love a survey)

How far along? 16 weeks tomorrow

Total weight gain: -40 lbs, due to the diet they have put me on I have actually lost a lot of weight.

Maternity clothes? Nope, I actually need to buy some smaller clothes.
Sleep: My bedtime is 10 pm at the latest. 9pm is better:)

Best moment this week: Showing my gramma the last sonogram pics we received. She was smiley:)

Movement: Nothing yet, I cannot wait though!
Gender: We find out November 24th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Labor Signs: Nothing yet! Thank goodness:)

Belly Button in or out? In.
What I miss: Drinking Wine and Sangria!!
What I am looking forward to: Finding out boy or girl and then decorating!
Weekly Wisdom: Try not to worry about every little thing, pregnancy cannot be controlled by your worrying.
Milestones: Hearing the heartbeat, Seeing the latest sonogram that looked like a baby!!!

Cribs, why can’t there just be one that is perfect?

I have been looking high and low for the perfect crib for our little baby. For some reason I feel like this is a huge and crucial decision. I am not sure why since the baby would not know the difference between a dresser drawer and a Pottery Barn crib. I think it is because it is the first major purchase for our child and I want it to be good. I also plan to use this crib for all of our children, so it needs to be high quality.

So, here are the cribs I have narrowed it down to.

First, this was my top choice, dream crib. It is from Pottery barn Kids and costs $1100 + shipping and a mattress. At first I thought that seems reasonable until I started looking around. It is in fact quite unreasonable.

pb sleigh crib

So, after figuring out that a crib that costs more than our bed and dressers is probably too much I moved on.

My cousin pointed out some really cute cribs at JC Penney. So I headed over to their website and there was one cute crib after another. Following is my top three. All of the photos link to the pages, so anyone who has purchased a crib and has opinions please let me know!

Crib Number 1

jcp grayson

Crib #2

jcp christie

Crib #3

jcp bella

We are definitely going with a dark wood. I am not a fan of  white furniture, and like I said before I want something that will compliment our bedroom furniture which is all dark.

I think crib #3 is the front runner, it is a pretty good replica of the pottery barn crib, and it has a very nice matching dresser.

I would love to hear any thoughts or opinions from people who have purchased cribs!


Busy October

I feel like the month of October is just flying by! Not that I am complaining, I cannot wait to get to the holidays. Plus it puts us that much closer to meeting the baby.

Last Friday we had out NT ultrasound. They were looking to make sure that there were no obvious signs of down syndrome and that the baby was growing properly. Everything looked great, and it was amazing to see the baby moving around on the screen. I was a little disappointed because my brother and his girlfriend were given a prediction based on internal genitalia at 12 weeks of both their pregnancies, and both were right. When I asked the ultrasound tech if we would be able to see anything he looked at me like I was crazy. So, no prediction but it was still tons of fun! Our next US is on November 24, I will be 20 weeks and they should be able to tell us boy or girl. Seems far away right now, but we have so much going on between now and then I think the time will fly.

Last weekend we went to visit Dan’s parents in Oregon. It was nice and relaxing. They live out in the middle of nowhere, so it is so quiet and dark at night, I sleep great when we are there!

Next weekend we are going over to Port Angeles to stay at the George Washington Inn. It is a B&B that is a replica of GW’s home. This is a belated anniversary gift from Dan. Our anniversary is in August, but we could never find a weekend to do it. It should be a really fun weekend. I am hoping for some nice weather while we are there because there is a little hike I want to take.

I will post some pictures from our trip next week.


Decorating the walls of the baby’s room!

I know, I know, totally to early for this, but I do love gathering up ideas. I like the idea of making things from scratch for the baby’s room. So, I have been gathering craft ideas for some wall hangings. I have been looking for things that are:

1.Cheap-I get bored with things easily, and I imagine a babies taste will also change pretty quickly. So I need things that will not cost to much to make so in a year when we want to change them it is not as if I wasted a ton of money.

2. Easy to make- Although I enjoy making things, I am certainly no Martha Stewart

3. Does not scream this is a babies room- The baby’s room is a large sitting room attached to the master bedroom. So I do not want a theme necessarily. I want a color palette that compliments our bedroom.

So far, I have come across a few things that have really grabbed my attention. Obviously, I cannot do all of them, but these are the ones I like so far.

paper wreath

This is actually an idea for a guest book table at a wedding, but I think it would be gorgeous as a wall decoration. BTW: if we have a boy this is the color scheme I like.


Another wedding decoration, but I think it would be cute hanging over the rocking chair.

square hangings

This one would be so easy, and a nice way to tie the room together. There is a large entry way between the sitting room and bedroom and I was planning on hanging curtains. If I were to do that I could use some of the same fabric on some of the squares to match it all up.

So, I am getting pretty excited to get started. We just need to find out if this baby is a boy or girl:)

We are going in for an NT ultrasound on Friday. Apparently at this appointment they can determine with about 80-90% accuracy if it is a boy or a girl.


My husband :)

For those of you who don’t know, we have a little Boston Terrier named Remy. She is like a child to us. We love her more than you can imagine. So, whenever I say I hope we have a girl, Dan always says we already have a girl.

Last week I sent him a link to this picture and said something about how fun it would be to have a girl and dress her in this cute little outfit.


I get this photo back from Dan


Yes, that is Remy’s head on a cute tutu.

Insulin Injections…… not as bad as I thought.

Friday I had an appointment at the high risk pregnancy center. I was there to meet with a diabetic nurse to review my blood sugars and to discuss switching over to insulin injections.

After reviewing my food journal (I need to be eating more protein), and reviewing my blood sugar results she left to talk to the doctor about insulin. I was SO nervous! I don’t mind getting shots, but the thought of giving myself one every night was horrifying. The nurse comes back and says YES, you will be using insulin.

So, she pulls out this huge kit of needles and sterile water. Apparently I will be injecting myself now. After a little tutorial she fills up the syringe with water and tells me to inject it in my abdomen. I was shaking and so nervous, but I did not want to look like a baby so I just did it. Low and behold it hurts less than taking my blood sugar reading do. Such a relief. (On a side note I am actually using a pre-loaded insulin pen, not a syringe, even easier.)

So, off I go with my prescription in hand thinking this will be no problem. I drop the prescription off at Walgreens and kill some time walking around Michael’s. When I went back to get my insulin I just get the bag from the pharmacy and go. I get home and go to put everything away and realize they gave me a vial of insulin and a box of syringes. I have no idea how to load these things or to use them since the nurse taught me how to use the pen.

Long story short… Dan and I spent 2 hours trying to find a pharmacy in Kirkland that had the stupid pens and NO ONE had them. Finally on Saturday morning I found a pharmacy in Bellevue that carried them. It happened to be the pharmacy in the parking lot of the doctor’s office 🙂

So far the insulin is working well, and it is much safer for the baby than the metformin pills I was on.