1 Month Old

Dear Brielle,

You are a little over one month old and you have changed our lives so completley it is amazing! Ever since the day you were born you have brought so much excitement, joy and challenge to our lives.

  • Although you are still a new born people comment all of the time on how alert you are. When you were 2 days old nurses were telling us that they had never seen such an alert baby.
  • We have learned that you like to be bounced by someone sitting on an excercise ball. Also, someone rocking you while sitting is no good, they need to be standing.
  • You have the most beautiful blue eyes that look bluer by the day.
  • Although you have colic, your fussy episodes are getting fewer and farther between. You can be calmed by laying on daddy’s chest while he says shh in your ear and pats your back.
  • You really like Gramma Raven’s voice. When you hear her on the hands free speaker in the car you quiet down and look around.
  • You do not like bath time. We think it is because you do not like being naked.

It has been such an exciting month and we are so excited to see how you develop and change.


Mommy & Daddy

***My good friend Matt’s wife writes monthly updates to their daughter and I thought it was such a wonderful idea I had to do it too.


Excercise Ball???

I have discovered that sitting on our excercise ball with Brielle calms her faster than anything else. Seriously, the best discovery!!!

Also, she was weighed yesterday and is 10 lbs even 🙂

Getting the hang of this…..

So, I think we are settling in to a nice routine. The days are just flying by (to my dismay), but we seem to be getting used to the new addition in our lives.

My biggest problem is feeding times. It is still uncomfortable to nurse her, so I am heading back to the women’s center on Wednesday for more nursing advice. Hopefully that will help. Otherwise we may be looking at more formula based feeding sooner than we thought.

It is so fun to see her changing everyday. She is more alert and awake more and more every day! She eats a ton and sometimes we worry she is being overfed, but our pediatrician says you cannot overfeed a breastfed baby. So we keep feeding away.

I am already so sad to go back to work and I still have 4.5 weeks until I have to go back. I am waiting to hear if I will be able to stay on a reduced work schedule when I return. I really hope so, it would be nice to ease back in to a part time job instead of full time.

So, that is our lives right now. Dan is back to work and I am just taking car of little Brielle. Life is good 🙂