3/4 months

3 months

4 months

Sweet Brielle,

You have kept us so very busy (as you can see by the consolidated 3/4 month update.

  • We took you on your first plan ride to Chicago and you were a perfect angel. Flying did not seem to bother you at all!
  • You did not like the heat/humidity of Chicago. You cried whenever we were outside, but stopped as soon as the air conditioning hit your skin.
  • You went on your second plane ride with just mommy and you were fine on the way there, but on the flight back you screamed for about 1 hour! It was stressful for mommy, but we made it and all of our seat mates were very nice. Probably because you were so stinking cute!
  • You are doing so much better in the car. While we were in Alaska we drove to Fairbanks and back and you did not mind the long trip at all.
  • You started smiling/laughing and making tons of cute noise!
  • Your feedings are getting shorter and shorter, so we have plenty of time during the day for playing.
  • You are not quite sleeping through the night yet, but it is getting better.
  • You just had your 4 month check up and you weigh 14lbs 1 oz, and you are 25 and 3/4 inches long!

We just love you so much! I am so happy to be at home with you watching you grow and change! Can’t wait to see what your next changes are!

We love you!!

Mommy and Daddy


Alaska Trip/Moving to a new house/Anniversary

A week after we returned from Chicago Brielle and I headed up to Alaska to through Auntie Eva her baby shower and to attend my Gramma’s memorial.

The baby shower was lots of fun and the memorial was great. On Sunday we headed up to Fairbanks to spend some time with Eva and her family and it was fun! I got to see some friends and spend some good time with my family. I did not take to many pictures but here are a few.

Eva laughing it up at her shower

Brielle in the car on the way back from Fairbanks

Uncle Jay showing Brielle the flowers

Uncle Jay with Brielle

Auntie April with Brielle

Brielle and Glo Worm

While we were in Alaska Dan moved us into a new house. It is just down the street from our old house. We had to move because our landlord decided to see her place. We were really happy to find this place because we love the neighborhood. Dan’s parents came up and helped clean the old house and watched Brielle while we unpacked some stuff in the new house. It was SO helpful!

WHile his parents were in town we went out for dinner for our anniversary. Our 7th Anniversary was on August 2. Here are a few photos from that big day!

My bridesmaids

Exchanging vows

So happy!!!

Besides Brielle being born, this was definitely one of the happiest days of my life!

Brielle’s First Plane Trip

We took Brielle on her first plan ride to Chicago at the beginning of July. It was a combination work/pleasure trip. First we went to my dear friend Katy’s wedding in Wiscnson. It was wonderful! The wedding was gorgeous and I was so happy to be their with three of my best friends.

We spent 2 nights in Wisconsin for the wedding and then another 4 days in Chicago. It was a lot of fun, and I realized how much I missed the city! Although most of the things I miss would not fit in to week with our new life as parents.

Brielle was great both to and from Chicago. It helps that we had a row to ourselves both ways!

Here are some pictures from our trip.

Sleeping in the sling before takeoff

Daddy sleeping while holding Brielle

Sleeping in the chair at the hotel

Auntie Shelly

Daddy and Brielle and Katy's wedding

Amber, Amanda, Katy and April

Daddy and Brielle and the rehearsal dnner

Katy, Amber, April and Amanda at the rehearsal dinner

Amber & Brielle and the wedding

Auntie Katy with Brielle

Aunties April, Katy and Amanda