7 months

Picture by my wonderful step niece Jalynne DuVal!!!

Dear Brielle,

This month had been so fun!!! Lots of events and excitement for our little one.

  • You had your 6 month check up and you weigh almost 17 lbs and are 27 inches long.
  • You were growing out of your 6 month clothes so I went and bought some 9 month PJ’s, I swear you must have grown overnight because they are already to tight. So looks like we are moving onto 12 months
  • You had your first Halloween! You were a pretty little ballerina. Grammy Raven made you a beautiful tutu and headband. Mommy and Daddy went as characters from Mad Men.

The Petersons at the Dofredo's Party

Daddy and Brielle

Mommy with Brielle and Juliette

  • Right after Halloween you flew to Alaska with Mommy and Grammy to meet your new cousin Natalie. It was so cold there, but you had a cute bear suit to snuggle up in. You were so big compared to little Natalie.
  • After our trip it has been a bit difficult to get you back into your crib. You are used to sleeping in a bed with Mommy and Daddy.
  • You love to make noises. You squeal and scream and sometimes it is hard to tell if you are happy or mad!
  • You are also eating solids. So far you like squash, peas and sweet potatoes. We will start fruits in a bit.
  • You are getting yourself up on your knees a bit, so maybe crawling will be soon!!

We love you so very much and we cannot wait to see what the next month brings!!


Mommy and Daddy!