10 months old

10 months old

Dear Brielle,
You are growing like crazy! Your little personality is definitely developing! We love watching you change every day!
  • You have said Baba, Mama and Dada
  • You are crawling around on your hands and knees
  • You love to scream, you and your cousins just scream at each other.
  • You are so happy and full of giggles, it is so fun to make you giggle.
  • You have started pulling yourself up to a standing position and you are so proud of yourself when you do it.
  • You think it is hilarious when we tell you no! This makes mama nervous:)
  • Your beautiful blue eyes are getting the tiniest bit of yellow around the pupil, just like mama’s.
  • You love your cousins, Jameson especially makes you laugh.
  • Grammy Raven found a picture of mama when she was your age and we had the same hair pattern.

You are such a precious little girl! We are so happy to be your parents!!!  Love you little one!




Busy January/February

Hey Everyone,

I cannot believe how fast time is flying by! We have been so busy I keep forgetting about our blog.

So far this year we have had a couple medical issues, some travel and lots of wedding preparation.

Week before last Dan had to go to Chicago for work and the night he left Brielle was up all night crying and rubbing her eyes. In the morning her eyes were sealed shut with gunk and my mom took one look and said looks like pink eye. So I took her to the pediatrician and she took one look and said yep, pinkeye.  So, I had to giver her eye drops 3 times a day and nurse her through her first really bad cold. She had been doing really well sleeping in her own bed, but she was so congested I just let her snuggle with me. It is funny how one 9 month old a 20 lb dog and 1 adult cannot share a king size bed. Most nights I woke up with my leg on the floor keeping myself in bed! Luckily my mom is still in town so I had her to help throughout the whole week! I seriously do not know what I would do without her!

This week I started a bootcamp course on Tuesday and that resulted in another trip to the doctor. I felt great after the class, and later on that day we took Brielle on a walk with her cousins to the playground. It was maybe a 2 mile walk. When we got back my foot was hurting a little, and by the time I was in bed that night it was excruciating. The instep of my foot was super swollen and red so we went to the doctor the next day. Nothing was broken, but they said a couple of my bones looked out of place. So I have been wearing a boot, icing and keeping my foot elevated. It feels a lot better today, but not 100%.

The last big thing that has been keeping us busy is preparation for my brothers wedding. I am the Maid of Honor and I have been helping Amanda with invitations, centerpieces, ect. I LOVE LOVE LOVE working on all of it. I am in the midst of planning her shower and bachlorette. The wedding is April 2 and we are throwing Brielle’s 1st birthday on the afternoon of the 3rd. All of our Alaska family will be n town, and it is important to me to have as much family there as possible. So it will be a busy weekend, but lots of fun.

So, that is our year so far. Oh, I mentioned awhile ago one of my resolutions was to lose weight. Well, I lost 10 lbs in January! Yea!!!