Happy birthday papa

Today would have been my grandpa’s 92nd birthday. He died in 2005 after suffering from Alzheimer’s. I miss him a ton, even more now that I have a baby. I wish he could have met Brie, and all the other new babies in our family; natalie, Jameson, juliette, and abagail.

If I ever have a son his middle name will be Calvin after the wonderful man that was my papa.


11 Months Old!!!!


Brielle at Jules 1st Birthday Party

Brielle on the swing

Brielle and Juliette on the swings



Brielle with Uncle Jake and cousin Juliette

Mad face






















Dear Brielle,

You are 11 months old today and I cannot believe how fast time has gone by! It has been the best, craziest, most stressful year and I would not change it for anything! Everyday you do something new and it is so fun to see the little person you are becoming!

  • Gramma Raven discovered that you have ticklish palms just like your Great Gramma Elizabeth.
  • You are pulling yourself up all the time and you prefer to be walking (assisted) rather can crawling.
  • You are back to saying momma a lot more than anything else! I love it of course!
  • You and Juliette are starting to play together more and you love getting hugs from your cousins
  • Sleeping is still touch and go. You only take good naps when you are being held and you sleep through the night off and on. You like it best when you get to sleep with momma and daddy in the big bed. On a side note you would think a king size bed would be big enough for 2 adults and a little baby, but you move around so much in your sleep daddy and I both end up on the edges.

I have been busy planning your birthday party and it is going to be amazing!! I love you so much and I cannot wait to see what the next month brings.



Crazy March/April

We have a super busy March! I am not complaining since it is mostly fun stuff, but it is going to be BUSY!!

I thought it would be fun to make a little list………

March 5-Miss Juliette’s 1st Birthday Party

March 7-Endocrinologist Apt-Morning blood sugars are creeping up and I want to find out if I need insulin or what is going on.

March 7-9- Dog sitting for a friend. The dog is super sweet, so it should be fun!

March 10-Heading to Seattle at 5AM to go to the wholesale flower market. I am going to put together the flowers for the wedding and we want to scope out what is available.

March 15-Dentist Apt’s

March 18-Amanda’s Bachlorette Party

March 29-Spa Day with Amanda before the wedding

March 30-Eva & Fam arrive, Shelly & Chance arrive

March 31-Flowers, nail apts, check into mukilteo rental house, prepare for rehearsal dinner party

April 1-Flowers, Prepare for dinner, Rehearsal, Rehearsal Dinner

April 2-Jake & Amanda’s Wedding!

April 3-Brielle’s 1st Birthday Party

April 4-Everyone leaves 😦

April 11-Some sort of low key birthday thing with just Dan, Brielle and I probably. I am thinking we may take her up to the Tulip Festival. Since we are doing her big party the weekend before I think we will probably want a quiet weekend for her real birthday:)

Maybe it is not to much stuff, although mixed into all of the scheduled things we have to:

  • Make it to the gym
  • Finish all wedding tasks
  • Plan Brielle’s Party
  • Prepare for house guests
  • Continue working on my business venture

Like I said, I am not complaining! I love the wedding and helping as much as I am! It is tons of fun and I am so happy Amanda has wanted my input and help! I can’t wait for the wedding and with all of the things going on this month I think it will be here before we know it!