Brielle’s Birthday Party

I am so late in getting this post up! It has been a busy month and I am going to get everything caught up this week. Here are some pictures from Brielle’s 1st birthday party. It was a great day filled with family and fun. I will admit everyone was a bit tired because we had all been at a wedding the night before, but it was still great.

I made the birthday banner and my mom made the cakes and Brielle’s tutu!

We had a photographer there to capture the party, so we also got a few family shots as well.

All the wonderful friends and family in attendance

Cousin Jameson helping Brielle eat her cake

Eating like a little lady

Brielle's little cake

The party was held in the enclosed pavilion in Redmond

Homemade Birthday Banner

Birthday collage of photos from each month of her life

Jake and Jameson

Uncle Jake and the birthday Girl


13 months old :)

Brielles’s 1st birthday came and went and I forgot to post her 1 year post!

Dear Brielle,

You are ALMOST 13 months old! You are an amazing little girl and you have made the last year of our lives the most amazing ever.

  • You are so busy, you are not yet walking but you hold onto anything and walk all over the room.
  • You love, love, love your cousins! When I take you over to Auntie and Uncles house you are so excited before we even knock on the door.
  • You talk constantly, lots of cute noises and lots of momma and dadda.
  • You have the most wonderful laugh. It is loud and squealy and we love to hear it!
  • You are sleeping through the night in your own bed. FINALLY!!!
  • You are still a terrible napper 🙂 You only like to be held. The second we lay you in the crib you wake up.
  • You still like to be swaddled! Momma is still having to make larger swaddling blankets.
  • You love Remy but you are a little rough with her, so we are trying teach you gentle 🙂
  • We always get compliments on how beautiful you are and how pretty your eyes are. It makes momma so happy when people say you have momma’s eyes. 🙂
Sweet little Brielle, you are the most amazing little person and we are so proud to be your momma and daddy! We can’t wait to see what the next year brings to our little family!