13-15 months

13 months

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15 months

15 months

Sweet Brielle,

You have turned into quite the busy little lady! Momma is so busy with you that she barely has time to update this blog! In the last two months you have truly transformed from baby to toddler.

  • You have quite the little personality. You can be easy going and full of smiles, but you also have quite a temper when things are not going your way. You have started temper tantrums that involve banging your head against the floor. We have been assured that it is normal, but it is still a sad thing to see. 😦
  • You LOVE your cousins! You really enjoy having them around and playing next to/with them. You and Juliette seem to have a love/hate relationship going. 95% of the time you are sweet to each other, but the other 5% can be rough. Jameson just loves you! It is so cute when he says your name it comes out Bri-elle, or sometimes Bri-smell. Lets hope that nickname does not stick.
  • You are off the bottle now, only sippy cups for you. Although you really love that bottle, we want to wean you before the prescribed 18 month deadline. 🙂
  • You feed yourself with a fork and spoon and are pretty good at it. Eggs are tricky for you but you like to stab away at them.
  • YOU ARE WALKING!! This is a fairly recent development and you are still a little shaky on your feet but you can get your self into standing position from the floor without any assistance and walk across the room. You are terribly proud when you make it.
  • You still only say about 4 words, momma, dadda, uh-uh and wa-wa (water). You babble constantly though, and it seems like you are always having some sort of conversation.
My sweet girl, you are growing so fast! I love to see the changes in you but sometimes I miss my little baby. We bought our first home last month and we cannot wait to see you grow up here (at least for a few years). You are such a remarkable person and I feel so lucky to be your mom! Love you little miss.