New words

Brielle has added to her vocabulary!

Now she says mo for more

Remy, although sometimes it comes out as Robby but it is obvious she is talking about her doggy.

It is so amazing to hear her say new words!


16-17 months old

Gramma Raven and Brielle

Sliding with Auntie

Mid slide

Catch me Uncle


Swimming with Uncle Jake

Little Walker

Dear Brielle,

Once again I am WAY behind on this blog. You keep momma so busy, but I am having so much fun spending my days with you. You are changing everyday into a lovely little person.

  • You walk/run everywhere. You do not like to be held in one place for very long and you want to see everything.
  • You do not like the word NO. You are entering tantrum age and it is comical when you are told no and you feel the need to melt down. Right now we ignore it and eventually you realize the world is not ending.
  • Your favorite thing to say is Where Daddy Go. We are not sure if that is what you are intending to say but that is what is sounds like.
  • Momma has left your vocabulary for now 😦
  • You also say Baby, Daddy, Dadda, WaWa.
  • You are doing much better at sleeping on your own. You can go into your crib awake and be shushed to sleep. We have not been able to just put you down and walk away though. Hopefully that is coming.
  • You have so much personality. You use any object as a phone and you will walk all over talking into it with your hand on your hip jus tike momma.
We are constantly surprised by you! You are such a wonderful daughter and it is so fun to see all of your changes!
Love you forever,