Elise 2 Months


Dear Elise,

I cannot believe you are already two months old! You definitely have grown out of your newborn look and are growing like crazy!

  • At your two month check-up you weighed 14.5 lbs and 25 inches long! That puts you between 3-6 month clothes already!
  • You smile and coo all of the time now. You are a pretty happy baby and seem to enjoy interacting with us.
  • Brielle LOVES you. She like to talk to you and read you stories. She calls you little miss, missy, Lisey, and sometimes missy Josie (not sure where she got the last one).
  • You do not seem to like riding in the car. You cry getting in the seat, and cry every time the car slows. So we try to time your car rides around nap time so it is not a scream filled trip.

You continue to enrich our family and even though two kids are a challenge it is worth every minute!!

Love you little one!!




Elise One Month Old

This is a little late, but I want to keep a monthly record of Elise like I did with Brielle.

Elise one month old

Elise one month old

Sweet Elise,

Your first month of life has been such a happy time for our family. You are such a sweet baby and we are so happy to have you join our family!

  • You sleep so much during the day. The first couple days I was worried that something was wrong because Brielle never slept so much.
  • You had some trouble nursing because you were tounge tied. We took you to an occupational therapist and then to have your tounge clipped. After that you were nursing like crazy!
  • You were born at 7 lbs 15 oz, but at this point you are almost 12 pounds! You are a growing girl.
  • You have the most beautiful blue eyes and you are very alert and strong.

We love you so much! Your big sister is head over heels. She loves to talk to you and tell you about her ballet class. I can’t wait to see you grow up and be your momma!!

Love you little one!!!