Elise 3 Months


Sweet Elise,

You are already 3 months old and I cannot believe it! We are having so much fun watching you develop into the sweet little girl you will be.

  • You have started making a lot more noise. You coo and even laugh sometimes. You still grunt a lot which is cute as well.
  • You love hearing Brielle’s voice, you smile whenever she talks to you.
  • You roll up on your side, but cannot quite make it over your chubby arm 🙂
  • You are so chubby and cute! People always say they want to squeeze your cheeks
  • You love your swing and will sleep in it for hours, you also like snuggling in bed with momma and daddy. Although we need to get you into your own bed soon.

We love you so much and cannot imagine life without you and your sister!!



Postpartum check-up and Kid Update

Today I had my final check-up with the office that managed the diabetes element of my pregnancy. Before Christmas I had a two hour glucose test that involves drinking a sugary syrup and then having my blood sugar tested two hours later. I am happy to say that all is well and I am actually healthier than before I became pregnant. Last year at this time I found out I was pre-diabetic and today they said all my tests are normal. So, in the new year I hope to keep losing weight and becoming even more healthy and active.

The girls are doing great! Brielle continues to love on her sister. I am so happy we have not had to deal with to much jealousy so far.

Elise is a sweet chubby little thing who is smiling and gurgling non-stop!

Here is a picture of Brielle feeding Elise some pretend pineapple soup.