Elise 6 to 8 months

I have been terrible with monthly updates sweet Elise. The months are just flying by, much to our dismay. You are growing so fast! I just cannot believe that we have had you for 8 whole months already. So, here are the things from the last 3 months that have been happening. 


Elise 6 months


Elise 7 months


Elise 8 months

  • You are getting teeth so quickly. You had 2 teeth by 3 months, 5 total by 7 months and at this point you are working on your 8th! 
  • You are very bitey! Nursing is challenging, but momma just watches for your signs of an upcoming bite. You do like to bite daddy and sissy though. 
  • You are very talkative. We think you are saying momma, you say it when you want me and when you are sad. So maybe that is your first word? 
  • You LOVE Brielle! When you are sad she can just come over to you and you smile so big. She loves to make you laugh and you laugh so easily for her. 
  • You are eating all sorts of fruits, veggies, puffs and yogurt bites. So far we have not found much that you will not eat. 
  • You are almost crawling. You get up on all fours and rock and even scoot a little. You have also started pulling yourself up to standing on your knees when holding onto the toy box. 
  • You are starting to get hair. Really blond on top and dark in the back, just like Brielle. 

We adore you Elise and we are so happy that you joined our family!! 




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