Elise 9 Months









Sweet little Elise,

You are already 9 months old! Where has the time gone! You are such a happy baby and we cannot imagine our family without you!

  • You are crawling EVERYWHERE!! Momma forgot how challenging it is once a baby becomes mobile!
  • You have 8 teeth and I think the 9th one is getting ready to pop through
  • You are in 12 month clothes, but you will be in 18 month clothes in no time.
  • You are pulling yourself up on everything. Your favorite thing is sissy’s kitchen. You like to pull open the cabinets and sort of sway while standing.
  • You smile all of the time! You think it is hilarious when someone says noodles. Your smile is very toothy and it sort of looks like you are growling. Your cousin Jameson asked if you were a mean girl with a mean face, but it is just because you have so many teeth.
  • You are still a biter
  • You love to eat! I do not think we have come across one type of food you do not like!
  • You are starting to play with your sister. You love to flop on her
  • You give big sloppy open mouthed kisses!

We love you so much little one!




Brielle’s 3rd Birthday


Brielle and her new bike

This was so long ago, but I wanted to write a little about her birthday party. She had a princess themed party complete with decorate your own tiaras and magic princess wands.

My mom helped me make a pull apart cupcake princess dress cake with high heel shoes. Brielle loved it and it was so much easier than the giant rainbow cake I made last year!

We bought her a bike for her birthday and she is getting the hang of pedaling. Although we need to get her a bigger helmet, the toddler one does not fit at all!!

We had a piñata which all of the kids loved and just had a nice relaxing party with good friends and family!


Waiting her turn to hit the piñata

Brielle's princess dress pull apart cake with high heels. Thank you Raven Mosher!!!!

Brielle’s princess dress pull apart cake with high heels. Thank you Gramma Raven!


Great Gramma Dotty meets Elise


JuJu enjoying the part

Side by Side Pictures

I am always trying to compare how much the girls look like each other, so here is a month by month comparison. They are definitely sisters. It seems like Brielle started out looking like Dan just like Elise, so maybe Elise will start to look like me eventually. 🙂