Elise- 1 year old!












Dear Sweet Beautiful Elise,

Momma cannot believe you are one year old! The past twelve months have flown by faster than I could have imagined. You have brought so much joy to our little family and we cannot imagine our lives without you.

  • Watching you and your sister fall in love with each other is the greatest joy of my life. You get so excited every morning when she rolls out of bed. You love to crawl over and meet her when she comes into the living room.
  • You are starting to say actual words! You say momma, dadda, baby, and apple. You also can say JJ and make a hissing sound for sissy
  • You are SO close to walking. You can stand very solidly and you cruise around the living room holding onto the furniture.
  • You nursed right up to a year old!
  • You are a really daddy’s girl right now! You get so excited every time he comes up from work
  • You sleep well, almost through the night.
  • You are so happy and good natured. Everyone comments on it.

We love you so much little girl! Thank you for adding so much to our lives. You and your sister are the best daughters ever!



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