Brielle’s 3rd Birthday


Brielle and her new bike

This was so long ago, but I wanted to write a little about her birthday party. She had a princess themed party complete with decorate your own tiaras and magic princess wands.

My mom helped me make a pull apart cupcake princess dress cake with high heel shoes. Brielle loved it and it was so much easier than the giant rainbow cake I made last year!

We bought her a bike for her birthday and she is getting the hang of pedaling. Although we need to get her a bigger helmet, the toddler one does not fit at all!!

We had a piñata which all of the kids loved and just had a nice relaxing party with good friends and family!


Waiting her turn to hit the piñata

Brielle's princess dress pull apart cake with high heels. Thank you Raven Mosher!!!!

Brielle’s princess dress pull apart cake with high heels. Thank you Gramma Raven!


Great Gramma Dotty meets Elise


JuJu enjoying the part


Side by Side Pictures

I am always trying to compare how much the girls look like each other, so here is a month by month comparison. They are definitely sisters. It seems like Brielle started out looking like Dan just like Elise, so maybe Elise will start to look like me eventually. 🙂




Postpartum check-up and Kid Update

Today I had my final check-up with the office that managed the diabetes element of my pregnancy. Before Christmas I had a two hour glucose test that involves drinking a sugary syrup and then having my blood sugar tested two hours later. I am happy to say that all is well and I am actually healthier than before I became pregnant. Last year at this time I found out I was pre-diabetic and today they said all my tests are normal. So, in the new year I hope to keep losing weight and becoming even more healthy and active.

The girls are doing great! Brielle continues to love on her sister. I am so happy we have not had to deal with to much jealousy so far.

Elise is a sweet chubby little thing who is smiling and gurgling non-stop!

Here is a picture of Brielle feeding Elise some pretend pineapple soup.






Elise’s Birth

It has been six crazy weeks of getting used to being a family of four. Elise is a pretty good baby, she has her moments but no signs of colic so we are happy about that.

Her birth was a pretty standard c-section. We were suppose to arrive at the hospital at 830am, but as we were driving in the charge nurse called and said there was no room and to call back every half hour. We were eventually admitted at 1030AM. I went back to the OR around 1230. With Brielle I had already had 15 hours of labor and was exhausted and drugged up. This time I was able to walk to the OR and I was really rested.

The worst part was receiving the spinal block. The feeling of the needle was terrible and once it was in I started feeling like I was going to pass out. I was looking at Dan saying I don’t feel good over and over. They gave me something that made me feel better almost immediately. Dan said I looked really pale and apparently my blood pressure had dropped a bunch.

The c-section went well aside from her shoulders disrupting some blood vessels. So apparently there was a bit more blood loss than usual but nothing to be concerned about. She was born at 1:01 pm on October 16.

The hospital stay was great. Brielle came to visit every day. She was more interested in the iPad than the baby but she had fun with her Aunt and Uncle and Gramma Raven.

Here are some pics from the hospital

Catching Up

Wow, it has been a LONG time since I updated this. Since this is a record of our day to day life I really want to be better about writing more. Especially when it comes to documenting the girls. When I was pregnant with Brielle I wrote weekly about pregnancy progress and with Elise it was about every three weeks and I stopped around 30 weeks. I need to be better with her monthly growth updates or later in life I could be accused of favoring our first born. 🙂 So, hopefully you will hear from us more!!!

19 Weeks

How far along? 19  weeks

Total weight gain: -17 lbs

Maternity clothes? Nope, although I am noticing a little bit of a bump

Sleep: Pretty good, but weird dreams

Best moment this week: Lots of good moments with Brielle talking about the baby. She wants to name the baby Brielle if it is a girl and JJ if it is a boy. 🙂

Gender: Hopefully we will find this Friday!!!!!

Labor Signs: Not at all

Belly Button in or out? In

What I miss: non achy hips

What I am looking forward to: Ultrasound on friday and then a camping trip for the weekend!

Weekly Wisdom: Nothing this week 🙂

Milestones:  started feeling some movement!!!

17/18 weeks

How far along? 18  weeks

Total weight gain: -17 lbs

Maternity clothes? Nope, I am actually  down a pant size

Sleep: Pretty good, but weird dreams

Best moment this week: Brielle patting my belly and saying I love the baby

Gender: Hopefully we will find out June 1

Labor Signs: Not at all

Belly Button in or out? In

What I miss: mmmm, still wine

What I am looking forward to: Ultrasound on June 1

Weekly Wisdom: Please do not assume that if we have another girl that means we have to try for a boy. I am amazed at how many people seem to think that it is necessary to have a boy. We will be happy with whatever family we decide to have even if it does not include a boy.

Milestones: So close to halfway done!!