Elise 11 Months

DSC_0002Sweet Elise,

You are 11 months old and I cannot believe how fast time is going by! I am planning your 1st birthday party and it is crazy that a year ago you were still in my belly!

  • You have 9 teeth now! The  last one came through really fast!
  • You love to eat, the only thing that we have come across that you do not care for is green beans
  • You can sort of say sissy. It sounds like a snake hissing but you only do it when looking at Brielle so we think it is sissy.
  • You are clever! If we do not come and get you out of your crib AS SOON as you wake up you have figured out how to take the crib guard off so you can chew on the crib rail.
  • You and Brielle really love playing together. Especially in the tub.
  • You are cruising all over. You even stand on your own, but you are still a bit nervous to take a step.
  • You make noises like you are trying to communicate. We cannot wait to hear you start learning more words.

We love you! Thank you for adding so much joy to our family!



Elise 10 Months

Dear Elise,

Once again momma is running late on your monthly posts! We have had such a busy summer of fun that I let it slip.

You continue to be the happiest baby ever! Even while teething you are so smiley!

  • You have 8 teeth now! 4 on top and 4 on the bottom, luckily you have learned not to bit so much.
  • You are still nursing but it is definitely slowing down. I think we will quit right at one year old.
  • You are pulling yourself up and walking around the living room slowly and holding on to the furniture.
  • You do not like to be penned in the living room. You have learned that you can slide the toy box and crawl through. You look back and see if anyone noticed and if they did you do a super fast crawl to the other side of the room.
  • You say momma and dada in the right context and we love to hear it!

We love you so very much Elise!!!




Elise 9 Months









Sweet little Elise,

You are already 9 months old! Where has the time gone! You are such a happy baby and we cannot imagine our family without you!

  • You are crawling EVERYWHERE!! Momma forgot how challenging it is once a baby becomes mobile!
  • You have 8 teeth and I think the 9th one is getting ready to pop through
  • You are in 12 month clothes, but you will be in 18 month clothes in no time.
  • You are pulling yourself up on everything. Your favorite thing is sissy’s kitchen. You like to pull open the cabinets and sort of sway while standing.
  • You smile all of the time! You think it is hilarious when someone says noodles. Your smile is very toothy and it sort of looks like you are growling. Your cousin Jameson asked if you were a mean girl with a mean face, but it is just because you have so many teeth.
  • You are still a biter
  • You love to eat! I do not think we have come across one type of food you do not like!
  • You are starting to play with your sister. You love to flop on her
  • You give big sloppy open mouthed kisses!

We love you so much little one!



Elise 6 to 8 months

I have been terrible with monthly updates sweet Elise. The months are just flying by, much to our dismay. You are growing so fast! I just cannot believe that we have had you for 8 whole months already. So, here are the things from the last 3 months that have been happening. 


Elise 6 months


Elise 7 months


Elise 8 months

  • You are getting teeth so quickly. You had 2 teeth by 3 months, 5 total by 7 months and at this point you are working on your 8th! 
  • You are very bitey! Nursing is challenging, but momma just watches for your signs of an upcoming bite. You do like to bite daddy and sissy though. 
  • You are very talkative. We think you are saying momma, you say it when you want me and when you are sad. So maybe that is your first word? 
  • You LOVE Brielle! When you are sad she can just come over to you and you smile so big. She loves to make you laugh and you laugh so easily for her. 
  • You are eating all sorts of fruits, veggies, puffs and yogurt bites. So far we have not found much that you will not eat. 
  • You are almost crawling. You get up on all fours and rock and even scoot a little. You have also started pulling yourself up to standing on your knees when holding onto the toy box. 
  • You are starting to get hair. Really blond on top and dark in the back, just like Brielle. 

We adore you Elise and we are so happy that you joined our family!! 



Elise 5 months


Dear Elise,

Momma is a little late writing this update. You have been keeping me busy!

You roll all over, back to front and back again.
You growl, it is hilarious!!!
You laugh at everything Brielle does, you love her!
We moved you out of you infant carrier into a rear facing seat and you seem to like it.
You are already in 12 month clothes!

We love you so much!!


Elise 4 Months

photoDear Elise,

You are already 4 months old! I just cannot believe it. You are growing and changing so fast, it feels like we just brought you home.

  • You laugh all of the time and smile very easily. You are so happy!
  • Your first tooth has made an appearance. We noticed it on Valentines Day.
  • You are a good size little lady! I had to take you to the doctor for a cold this month and you are already 18.5 pounds! You just moved into 9 month size clothes.
  • You really love Brielle, she tells you stories and sings you songs and you are always smiling and laughing at her.
  • You are a great day sleeper. You spend a lot of time snoozing in your swing (Brielle never did that). Although, you are getting pretty close to the weight limit so we need to get you out of that thing.
  • Night time is good as long as you are snuggled up next to me. We need to get you into your crib this month.

We love you so much and cannot imagine our family without you!



Elise 3 Months


Sweet Elise,

You are already 3 months old and I cannot believe it! We are having so much fun watching you develop into the sweet little girl you will be.

  • You have started making a lot more noise. You coo and even laugh sometimes. You still grunt a lot which is cute as well.
  • You love hearing Brielle’s voice, you smile whenever she talks to you.
  • You roll up on your side, but cannot quite make it over your chubby arm 🙂
  • You are so chubby and cute! People always say they want to squeeze your cheeks
  • You love your swing and will sleep in it for hours, you also like snuggling in bed with momma and daddy. Although we need to get you into your own bed soon.

We love you so much and cannot imagine life without you and your sister!!


Elise 2 Months


Dear Elise,

I cannot believe you are already two months old! You definitely have grown out of your newborn look and are growing like crazy!

  • At your two month check-up you weighed 14.5 lbs and 25 inches long! That puts you between 3-6 month clothes already!
  • You smile and coo all of the time now. You are a pretty happy baby and seem to enjoy interacting with us.
  • Brielle LOVES you. She like to talk to you and read you stories. She calls you little miss, missy, Lisey, and sometimes missy Josie (not sure where she got the last one).
  • You do not seem to like riding in the car. You cry getting in the seat, and cry every time the car slows. So we try to time your car rides around nap time so it is not a scream filled trip.

You continue to enrich our family and even though two kids are a challenge it is worth every minute!!

Love you little one!!



Elise One Month Old

This is a little late, but I want to keep a monthly record of Elise like I did with Brielle.

Elise one month old

Elise one month old

Sweet Elise,

Your first month of life has been such a happy time for our family. You are such a sweet baby and we are so happy to have you join our family!

  • You sleep so much during the day. The first couple days I was worried that something was wrong because Brielle never slept so much.
  • You had some trouble nursing because you were tounge tied. We took you to an occupational therapist and then to have your tounge clipped. After that you were nursing like crazy!
  • You were born at 7 lbs 15 oz, but at this point you are almost 12 pounds! You are a growing girl.
  • You have the most beautiful blue eyes and you are very alert and strong.

We love you so much! Your big sister is head over heels. She loves to talk to you and tell you about her ballet class. I can’t wait to see you grow up and be your momma!!

Love you little one!!!